Recent Chronodex Highlights: Time Management in a Distraction-Free Environment.

An organized mind has greater clarity
a mind organized in a distraction-free environment will reach that clarity much faster.

In this post, I wish to promote the immersion into a distraction-free environment when working on your time management system. An environment with minimal stimuli, where your mind can truly attend to the complexity of your thoughts and then organize them in the most beneficial of ways.

 Focused organization is important:  Too often our busy lives force us to multitask when we should be more single-task oriented. Too much multitasking will leave our days filled with underdeveloped thoughts/actions and inefficient uses of time. A few years ago I reached my fill of shallow organization and challenged myself to evaluate the situations I am better off multitasking and those times I do the best single-task work. In summary, I have found that multitasking works best when executing a well thought out plan and my time for focused single-task work is when I am planning/ evaluating & reflecting on a project.
As a side note, upon finishing this critique is when I decided to commit to a specific analog time management system. I  chose the Chronodex (along with bullet journalling and mind mapping). 

Look for your optimal environment to organize yourself:  Everyone's idea of what is a quiet, distraction-free environment is bound to be a bit different but there are three lowest common denominators that we should all try to strive for: as quiet as possible, with as few distractions as possible and in a physical place that makes us comfortable. 

The benefits of organizing in a distraction free environment:  You will find that once you have found your ideal place and time to work on your time management system:
1. Solutions come faster because of the greater focus
2. Solutions are more developed
3. Emergence of more fruitful project tangents
4. Reflection becomes more meaningful
5. The next day is more productive and thereby more fulfilling (if you can stick to the plan)

Life is busy enough, I challenge everyone to at least organize it in a pressure-free, distraction-free environment.